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Military Bands the sound of the bagpipes


Queen's Own Highlanders, The Irish Guards, Queen's Royal Irish Hussars, Royal Tank Regiment, Royal Irish Rangers and many more.

54:31 minutes

12,- € plus 2,80 € Porto


Tartan Top 20 Pipes & Drums
(The King's Own Scottish Borderers)

including well known tunes e. g.

"Amazing Grace", "Auld Lang Syne", "Scotch On The Rocks", "Scotland The Brave" and many more.

46:31 minutes

12,- € plus 2,80 € Porto


The music of our Scottish homeland

3 CD Box Set


everything great about scottish music

Scottish music e. g. fiddles from the world "The Scottish Fiddle Orchestra", "Scottish Regimental Bagpipes and Scottish Ceidlidh Music by some of Scotland's finest players on the accordion. A musical tour of all things great about Scottish music to bring you the flavour of your "Scottish Homeland".

138:47 minutes

20,- € plus 2,80 € Porto


The Sound of The Bagpipes

Includes many well known tunes like

"Minstrel Boy", "The Old Rustic Bridge", "Abide With Me" and many more.

51:59 minutes

10,- € plus 2,80 €


The Blebells Of Scotland

The King's Own Scottish Borderers Military Band


"Scotland The Brave", "Amazing Grace", "Wi' A Hundred Pipers" and more and more...

46:13 minutes

10,- € plus 2,80 €